about her

All of JWdesigns jewelry pieces are designed and handmade by Jamie Wickersham. She has worked in different mediums for over the past ten years ranging from fiber art, textile design and now jewelry. Her goal is to create exclusive pieces for someone who appreciates the free form spirit of one of a kind designs.

With this in mind, Jamie plays with the baroque idea that more is more...

Instead of the systematic arrangement of precious stones and metals, JWDesigns favors the use of found materials and repurposed vintage to create unique compositions of wearable art.

A Chester County native and Kutztown allumni Jamie earned her BFA with a concentration in fibers. That was where she gained her experience in fiber art and textile design. She is now living in West Chester as a jewelry designer and includes her fiber techniques to many of her pieces.

Jamie has always admired jewelry of the past, scouring through her mother's and grandmother's jewelry boxes. At an early age, she was given creative freedom by her parents which is when her eclectic styles began.